Recording studio experiences
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What's been said... 

'Fantastic – Something different. A chance to celebrate being a woman.'

'This course has given me so much confidence!' 

'Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Can't believe how it improved my level of confidence. What a buzz! Looking forward to the next course.' 

'Confidence, posture and enjoyment!'
Stacy Loughlin 

'It's nice to step away from being a Mummy and have fun and make friends'
Cornelia Radu 

'I have a lot more confidence. Laura is an inspiration'
Nicola Shailer 

'I quite literally loved every minute. I've always suffered from body confidence issues, but for a blissful 60 minutes every week, I felt good about myself, thanks to Laura. Thank you so much.'
Amelia Simmons 

'Your classes have done so much for my confidence and self esteem, which were very low before I started. I have always struggled with my body image since being overweight, but I now know I can feel beautiful and powerful if I channel my inner 'Fifi'! xx'
Lucy Keegan 

'I have really gained confidence doing this course. It's been fun and I
have enjoyed it every week.

'Faultless! Brilliant fun. Couldn't recommend it enough! I've got a new
saucy wardrobe, confidence and new friends.'
Sarah Buckwell 

'Tease with ease, sexy moves, a few laughs, confidence and new outfits!'
Claire Hansbury 

'I feel Foxy! Loved it! Recommended already! Am so pleased I didn't lose
courage and not turn up! Thank you Laura xxx'
Helen Jones 

'This has been brilliant and liberating!'

'It's been very empowering for me and given me confidence in my body'
Alison Jeffries 

'Confidence, laughter, friends....Thank you! x'

'A buzz each week when I come out of class. A real empowering feeling!'
Victoria Allinson 

'I thoroughly enjoyed the course. I thought it was great fun and to
actually come away knowing two routines does give you a sense of
achievement. I also feel the course has given me more self confidence to
make the most of what I have. I would previously been quite shy of dressing
up in corsets, stocking, suspenders etc, but the course has shown me how to
do this is a really enjoyable fun way with my friends and my partner. I do
also feel much more in touch with my femininity and am now willing to
experiment with hair and makeup where I would not really do this before.
Sarah Belling 

'Great fun, learning grace and elegance while in high heels'
Jacqui Hales 

'Fun on a Tuesday evening! It's been really good. Definitely want to do it
Jordan Dicker 

'I have enjoyed every minute (except the fight to get my corset done up and
the beginning of each session). As you know, I only agreed to do the
classes because it was you asking me, but I have to say it has helped my
confidence and made me more aware of good posture. Burlesque has probably
got me out of the "Oh! I'm too old for that" mentality. Perhaps you can be
sexy at 60+!!! My only wish would be that I could move as gracefully and
sexily as you, Sweetie, but that really would be fairyland! Long may you
reign as our "Burlesque Queen"!!
Gill Bridge 28/4/10


'Once again, I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and feel a lot more
confident and happier about my appearance. People who I haven't seen in a
while have said that I look a lot different and more positive than I have
done before which is another big confident boost! Bring on the next
Jennie Gregory

'Even more confidence and a fab way of learning a whole new skill to show
Sarah Buckwell


'Thank you so much for doing the filming. I have watched it and I am so
pleased. Can't believe I can actually be like that. It just gives me a lot
of confidence to realise that I can be brave and come to a class all by
myself, at a rather crappy time in my life and get so much from it, meet
some really great ladies and learn so much about myself. There is more to
me than I had ever given myself credit for.'
Lucy Keegan

 Hen Party

'Awesome night out, just wish we could carry on! :o) '
Emma Jewett

'I really enjoyed myself. Such a surprise. Would definitely do it again'

'Can't wait to go home and try it all out on Hubby!!! Got to go and get some gloves!'

'Fab! Brilliant fun time.'
Kerry Folwell

'Lovely session. Great music.'
Sadie Comwell

'Very good. My boa will have some use now!! Need long gloves too! Feel very feminine and sexy now.'

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