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Laura from Foxy Burlesque with a flower in her hair

About Me

All I ever wanted from a very young age was to perform. Singing, piano playing, dance and drama were my favourite subjects in school and my love for singing become very serious with a desire to be a professional opera singer.  I was classically trained at the Guildhall in London and performed with Opera Groups, loving every minute of dressing up in beautiful costumes and getting on stage.

A Burlesque lady posing for the camera

After some medical set backs affecting my singing, I swapped my performing Opera on stage, to teaching and presenting fitness and dance classes, which I have now been doing since 1999 very successfully.

I loved what I was teaching, but before long I wanted to get back to performing and dancing.  Doing something elegant and beautiful.  I decided I needed to find a way to combine the two.

I had recently discovered the world of Burlesque dance and had fallen in love, so, with a lot of research and dedication, a talent for tease and a good helping of cheekiness, I developed my first course structure and Foxy Burlesque was born.  

Apart from producing two babies, there's been no stopping me since and we now have many students and course options in different towns in Kent.

I honestly don't believe there is a lady out there who doesn't love to dress up and feel sexy.  But, because we live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with pictures of the 'perfect' women, we can't help but try to compare ourselves, which does our self-esteem no good at all.  

The great news is, Burlesque is about real woman, with real curves, feeling confident in their own skin!

With Foxy Burlesque, I've always aimed to remind my students just how wonderful being female and feminine is, through elegant and beautiful, yet, fun and easy dance moves and great music. 

If they take just a little bit of that confidence and sexiness home with them, I know their partners are delighted too!  ;o)

Join me and be 'Pleased to tease'!

Laura x

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